Deploy OpenCat Team Server to


Create a project#

Create a new empty folder locally, navigate to the folder using the command line, and then enter the following command to create the project:

flyctl launch

During the process, you need to set the project name (or leave it blank to generate a name automatically) and select a region (do not select Hong Kong). After confirmation, the system will generate the fly.toml file.

Create storage#

To ensure data persistence, create a new Volume to store the relevant data. Execute the following command to create:

flyctl volumes create opencat_data --size 1

During the execution, select the same region as in the previous step. This command will create a storage bucket named opencat_data with a size of 1GB to store subsequent data.

Edit the fly.toml file#

Insert the following content before the [env] section:

  image = "bayedev/opencatd:latest"

  destination = "/opt/db"
  source = "opencat_data"

Modify the internal_port value under [[services]] to 80.

Start the server#

Execute flyctl deploy to start the server and ensure it passes the security check.

Bind a custom domain#

Skip this step if you don't have a custom domain.

Execute flyctl certs add YOUR_DOMAIN to configure a custom domain (replace YOUR_DOMAIN with your domain) and configure the corresponding CNAME record as required.

After the configuration is complete, wait for a moment. Visit (replace APPNAME with the name you specified when creating the project) to ensure that all check items are successful.


Open the OpenCat team creation page and set the domain to https://YOUR_DOMAIN (replace YOUR_DOMAIN with the custom domain you bound in the previous step; if not bound, use Confirm the activation to start using it normally.

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